rumour — distant land

Materials to­wards a per­form­ance for four people.

ru­mour — dis­tant land provides a frame­work for a per­form­ance that is as much visual and dra­matic as it is sonic, al­lowing four per­formers to present a series of im­ages and ac­tions, all of which touch around but never upon feel­ings of dis­tance, loss, re­min­is­cence and the mundane.

rumour — distant land, from the first performance

Iñigo Giner Miranda and Vera Kardos of DieOrdnungDerDinge during the first per­form­ance of ru­mour — dis­tant land at the Bludenzer Tage zeit­gemäßer Musik.

  • Instrumentation

    • 4 Performers
  • Details

    • Duration: 9–16′ (variable)
    • First performance: 20 November 2014, DieOrdnungDerDinge, Bludenzer Tage zeitgemäßer Musik, Austria