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Sound and Music & Arts Council England logosIn re­sponse to the open letter that was sent to Sound and Music and Arts Council England last month and which gathered 135 sig­nat­ories, we have re­ceived the fol­lowing short state­ment from the Sound and Music Board of Trustees dated 18 May 2012 (which can also be viewed as a PDF):

Sound and Music would like to ac­know­ledge the letter from over 72 in­di­viduals, headed by Martin Butler, Rolf Hind, Andrew Hugill, Ian Pace, Mariam Rezaei, and Chris Swithinbank.

As stated in our pub­lished re­sponse to the ini­tial open letter, we have com­mitted the or­gan­isa­tion to carry out a mean­ingful con­sulta­tion with the whole sector in order to max­imize the im­pact of a re­newed Sound and Music. We be­lieve that this con­sulta­tion should take place once a new lead­er­ship team is in place.

The ap­point­ment of the new CEO (Susanna Eastburn) has very re­cently been an­nounced and the re­cruit­ment of a new team is still in pro­gress. This has to re­main the pri­ority of the Board but we will be con­tacting you again, as soon as the new CEO is in place.

The Trustee Board of Sound and Music: Michelle Wright, Interim Chair, David Aspinall, Simon Emmerson, Cliff Fluet, Christopher Fox, and Debra King

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    Chris Swithinbank is a British-Dutch com­poser who works with both acoustic in­stru­ments and elec­tronic sounds. He is cur­rently a stu­dent at Harvard University with Chaya Czernowin.
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