Journal Article: ‘Into the Lion’s Den’

Tempo, Vol. 65, No. 257 (July 2011)My art­icle, ‘Into the Lion’s Den: Helmut Lachenmann at 75’, pub­lished in the July issue of Tempo, is now avail­able from Cambridge Journals Online. The piece takes a look at Lachenmann’s re­cep­tion in the Anglophone music world as well as touching on his mu­sical and aes­thetic de­vel­op­ment. It is un­for­tu­nately ne­ces­sarily su­per­fi­cial in some re­spects, but hope­fully will offer a slightly more cur­rent per­spective on the state of re­search into his music and writ­ings than was pre­vi­ously avail­able. Access to Cambridge Journals Online is re­stricted to those with sub­scrip­tions or in­sti­tu­tional mem­ber­ships, so if anyone is in­ter­ested and can’t ac­cess the art­icle this way, please get in touch.

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