Books of Moses @ NOVARS Research Centre

A new tape piece, Books of Moses was com­posed at the University of Manchester’s NOVARS Research Centre for Electroacoustic Composition, Performance and Sound-Art. It is my first work for which I have un­der­taken a ded­ic­ated re­cording ses­sion from which all of the sound-material was drawn and it deals with is­sues of cre­ation and re-creation, methods through which the old is as­sim­il­ated and re­sur­faces in the new.

A private listening ses­sion and par­tial dif­fu­sion for post­graduate stu­dents at NOVARS Studio 1 took place on June 3rd along­side two other un­der­graduate works by Nicola Hicks and Joel Bankhead.

Play sample:

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